XMS Diagram

Power of PHP combined with the XML flexibility and driven by the speed of XPath!!!
aws xms 4.0 framework diagram

Yet another CMF? What's new?

First of all, XMS is a xml based content management framework, providing a web application base.


Build a development enviroment without limitations, easy to integrate with any other frameworks

Why XML?

Easy, almost everything on the web is xml, isn't it? This opens new ways of using data, I mean everything on the internet can be considered a datasource, and there are plenty of them.

Why XMS? New features that has against all others:

  1. Event based approach and observable methods and properties
    Event support covers entire application, from the DOMElements to the main engine instance of XMS class; on top of this you have observable methods and properties so you can bind any handlers needed to change event of a property or before / after a method.
  2. Designer - One tool to
    • build applications;
    • create multi language support;
    • create / edit configuration;
    • template generator and editor;
    • bulk processing;
  3. Onsite programming
    Using aws Designer you can create new applications or edit existing ones remotely, without using special software or any other resource. You can even use a public computer, log into designer on your site and move on.
  4. More data sources
    Any html/xml page on your site, or anywhere on internet, can be used as data source
  5. Less study
    You don't need to spend too much time learning dozens of classes, functions and browsing a bushy documentation. You only have to understand how an aws application is working (takes less that 10 minutes) and use Designer rules manager to build a new application. Can be easily used with any other framework and most of the time only basics of php coding is enough; In addition this software provides a "visual" framework (directives and filters) and only two classes awsXML (for xml files/datasources) and awsHTML (for html files/datasources)
  6. Templates generated automatically
    You don't have to loose time building templates, because Designer does this for you!! With simply one click of a button you can import any html page from your mockup or anywhere on the web.
  7. Easy to extend
    You can define your own directives in application processor
  8. Easy to share
    Each application can be used as code library or templates container


Instantly!!! No special installation procedure needed. Just copy the content of our software on your server, overwrite your template to have all files / directories in place and import the pages with Designer;


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