Choosing the right keywords on which to optimize your site.

The first and obvious step in search engine optimization is choosing the keywords in which to optimize your site. For this, you should do a little research in order to identify the keywords that will produce the best results.

a. Determine the correct keywords. The main idea of delivering traffic to a website is to increase sales, and the only way to accomplish that through search engines is by optimizing your site with pertinent keywords. You should, however, be realistic in setting your goals and not select keywords that have already been used too much. You will have a better chance of getting indexed highly by smartly using less common keywords or keyword phrases (keyword phrases count as one keyword) that directly describe your web page.

A lot of people do not realize that each and every page of a website can serve as an entry point. Each page should be treated individually and be optimized for different keywords to give your website the potential to drive even more incoming traffic.

b. Use keyword suggestion tools. To help you get ideas or drill down to the best keyword, you can use Overture’s Keyword Suggestion Tool. The utility lets one find out the how many people search for a particular keyword and other keywords related to it. Google also has a similar utility called Adwords Keyword Tool which displays related keyword suggestions, minus the data on how many people search for it.

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